Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Aologies for the shit title. Its highly overused and very, very tacky, painfully so. But it seemed the most appropriate thing to say as I have literally had half my hair stolen. Well technically I did pay a person who is actually a hairdresser to do it so its not actually theft.

The first picture actually looks like I have extentions in anyway. I now look like a mushroom/lightbulb. It's gonna take some getting used to I tell you now. My face wasn't much more embarassing in the second photo but I don't usually pull the 'before' face in real life, though Pamela may tell you different, so its not really "me". I look mid-yawn.


Wendy said...

I actually want to get a hair cut soon and kind of decided on the same length. Not sure yet. It looks good!

Aisha said...

I have my hair very short at the moment too :)

I lovew your new haircut and new hair-colour too!

Thanks for the nice comment at my site, I'll keep reading your posts!

e.jay said...

I'm sure you saw how short my hair is on my blog...but I think your hair looks great! Only, I am trying to picture it on your "before", yawn-face. Lol. I am sure it's pretty in real life.