Monday, 31 March 2008


It's that stressful time of year again, when everyone i know are racing around and screaming their heads off. It's that frightful 6.45p.m. when the Leeds and Readign Festival tickets come on sale. If you don't get in their within about 15 minutes, well i can't even think about that right now. It's not an option that i don't go.
This time last year me and my sister were screaming at each other that 'we're not gonna get one!', 'What have you done to the computer screen you bloody idiot?!'. In fact we screamed so much our dog started to wine and go a bit loopy out of fear. I've warned my mother and little sister to get out of the house this evening so as not to get screamed at.

Putting all that aside. And presuming i get a ticket. I cannot wait. Last year i had the best time of my life! It's like a town where all rules and stuff go out of the window, everyone talks to anyone. It's indescribable really.
The rumoured line-up include The Killers, Rage Against the Machines and Metallica. The Killers would be unbelievable amazing! Oooo i cannot wait any longer!!
I do hope myself and Susan see a lot of you stylish people there.....

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Susan said...

I HAVE MY TICKET! major panic stations it was, i'll tell you but I have it! Major adrenaline rush You?