Thursday, 20 March 2008

All I want for Easter is you.

Yes you. You beautiful things.

These £150 diesel jeans are just fabulous. The way they've styled them is despicable but looking past that these would look lovely on, me thinks. I never usually look at Diesel stuff, i subconciously associate it with market rip-off versions of their stuff. Not that the real stuff is much nicer to be honest. I was actually looking for a denim dress i'd seen in a magazine by Diesel but when i couldn't find that i thought i'd look at their jeans because i really need some new ones that fit me perfectly. All my current ones bag at the knee, have massive rips in them or are too bigor small. None of them fit properly. So I'm on a mission to find some affordable, well fitting and skinny jeans. These would be lovely and i imagine perfect.

Now this beauty is from Urban Outfitters for £38. I love florals. I love love love skirts. I reckon this would look amazing with my 'stomp' boots, which are doc martiny.

I also stumbled upon this Paul & Joe dress, whilst looking for another dress on that I'd seen in the same magazine as i had the denim dress, this magazine proved to be very useful, i also couldn't find the dress i was looknig for but i found this one instead. Now wrap around dresses are always a friend to those of us with a curvy figure I think and I'm a sucker for stripes. I ust say i really do like it. But at £140 it's going to have to stay on my wishlist which is always soooo long. Hey, if anyone wants to give me £350 i suppose i'll take it off their hands. The burden that it is and all.


Sheryl Wong said...

I so-love the floral skirt, I can imagine that it will look great with any kind of shoes, be it heels, boots or flats.

the childcatcher//granny print said...

i adore the shoes the girl with the dress is wearing!