Wednesday, 5 March 2008

UCAS Convention.

We went on a college trip today to Manchester for a UCAS convention, where loads of universities were represented and basically we had to pick up thousands of heavy prospectus' ( I felt ridiculously guilty about the amount of trees that had been wasted). So this is the outfit i wore to it. Primark Cardigan and shirt, Miss Selfridge Necklace, M&S tights, Vintage belt, the skirt was given to me by a cousin but I took it up last night to make it wearable. It's a size too big for me actually but its strange denim so i can wear it around the hips or higher waisted, the latter i did today but you can't really tell on these photos. We finally got a compliment today from a woman representing Plymouth College of Art and Design, this makes a nice change from all the abuse we usually get about what we wear. So thankyou to that woman.
University is such a daunting idea, i have no idea what to do with my life at all. So choosing a course is going to be extremely difficult. I'd love to do something in fashion but i don't think i'm skilled enough as there is A LOT of competition. I'm counting on Susan becoming successful in this area so i can bask in her success by wearing things she buys, gets given or designs herself. I'll probably just keep fashion as a love rather than a career, though i'll probably change my mind about this in a minute. I've been considering all sorts of careers recently, anything from Museum Curater to Film critic. Ahh who knows where i'll end up. Hopefully in Fashion!

Sorry for rambling.


Pretty In Black said...

Thankyou for the complement! I like to have as many good pictures as I can find. By the way, I'm loving your use of liberty print. I've got my eye on floral dr. martens at the moment.

selinaoolala said...

why not do a course that's not so much fashion design but more fashion management or buying or retailing? manchester offers loads of course like that (i do management and marketing of textiles) and they ask for abc but the grades went down to ccd on results day! there will be competition but employers look at the uni you've been to so thats why i chose an ok course at a really good uni. good luck! god i wish i could do my freshers year again, i'm having the best time ever!

ucas said...

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