Monday, 24 March 2008

On a rainy monday

Except it wasn't raining. It was snowing. Snowing! I ask you.
So here's what I wore. It wasn't snowing when I was out and about, which was convenient for my attire. I wore a coat also.

I think my skirt says 'Bananas'
Skins tonight, again. This week we discover that Effie has issue. They ALL have issues, they're teenagers, that's the point.


the_kitten said...

I SO dig this skirt! I especially like the part when it says 'bananas' - wicked!

e.jay said...

Haha! Your skirt is bananas...B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Natch, in a good way. Cute outfit.

Loïs said...

i looove skins! i'm watching it on youtube so it's annoying though but i like it.

i really like your cardigan or something, and that necklace is nice too.

parmaviolet said...

like the outfit! although didnt you freeze to death even with a coat? when i went outsid all concept of style went out the window and i simply piled on as many of my old hoodys as possible. Although i was just in the garden.

coco said...

I love that skirt!
It is so cool!

bronwyn said...

Love the skirt, so cute:)