Friday, 14 March 2008

Bad ebay!

You do entice me so! I simply cannot afford the luxuries you have to offer me, as odd as they may be. Ebay allows me to find random stuff that I could very rarely find in a shop, stuff that I may well have dreamed about. Ahh, I can only dream. On the wishlist this week:

1. Leopard print pencil skirt: Quite frankly I bet your thinking thinking this is horrific but I have been wanting one after I saw one in Teen Vogue and I would make it awesome and non-emo, well I would try. And I would wear it in an ironic way, just like my pink velour tracksuit top. Yep that's right. Pamela has a whole turquoise velour tracksuit. Please stay with us, this is NOT our normal attire. Anyway. think 50's style, or with a loose white tshirt.

2. Playsuit. Not necessarily this one, any one. Preferrably a colourful one, or one like the 'Topgun' one they had in Topshop ages ago. Since I got my blue one from Oasis I am loving them. Shame I ripped a hole in the bum of it, pocket got caught on a cupboard handle, what are the odds!?

3. (Long) waistcoat. I keep looking in charity shops for a man's waistcoat, thinking they will be longer, but they're all a bit large in the belly. I'm going for the Etro S/S 07 look here. I'm willing to bet several pennies this would actually look very very bad on me but you get the general idea. Mmm. Camel.

4. High waisted skirts of any variety. I used to hate anything high waisted but I have discovered I often hate something with a passion and then fall in love with it. I keep hoiking up my low waisted skirts, this often has slutty results, but hey I wear tights. Sometimes several pairs. Yorkshire is chilly ok.

5. Sequin mini skirt. I borrowed Pamela's sister's black sequin skirt and it was lovely. As Pamela got into trouble for borrowing her clothes she told her sister the skirt was mine, if only...

Thank you everyone who commented on those last two posts, you are all extremely lovely. I was well embarrased about them, but you have all made me very happy. Cheearz!


Anonymous said...

Besides the jumpsuit the leopard print pencil and black sequin skirt being my favorite picks, the tackiness of these items make THE statement and I'm bound to believe that it's a massive deal of fun you're getting out of playing around with them. That's why I think these item are pretty much to die for and I hope you're gonna bid on them, because that's what I did if I wasn't on a shopping ban right now. Or I wasn't going to Las Vegas and New York in a couple of weeks..

e.jay said...

Omg! I just bought a playsuit...gray pinstripe sleeveless. It was Matty M and only cost me 14 bucks! I am going to wear it with this ridiculously bright coral pink tank top and my neon wedges! I am super excited! Lol, can you tell? I would so wear any of this stuff you know...and I love the corset you did. That's really cool!

I linked you, btw! :-)

coco said...

I can never find good stuff on ebay becuase I have no patience
I like the leapord skirt a lot!

saray said...

i have to start looking for things in e-bay..
i love the floral skirt the jumpsuit the leopard print pencil and black sequin skirt..
well i love it all!