Monday, 3 March 2008

Minnie Mouse

This is the outfit i wore today. I'm aiming to do more like these posts, of my outfits but it's very difficult as my house is always full of people and none of them know about this blog. They'd just keep asking what i'm doing and such and i'd have to come up with elaborate excuses everytime. But i will do my best!
I realise that Minnie mouse wore a lot of red and not much pink but with the polka dots and bow, well you get my gist. This wasn't intentional at all, but now i've stumbled upon the idea it's a good one for fancy dress if i jazzed it up a bit!
The spotty shirt is Dorothy Perkins, but from i while back, the pink dress underneath is Oxfam, Silver belt i'm not sure where it came from because i stole it from my sister's room and the jeans are Primark.
We've had two sandbags chucked into our garden now, silly little yobs! Why can't we have the diversion sign? We've clearly offended them in someway. I'll be quite interested to see how Suse gets the diversion sign to stay on her wall though!

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emsie said...

minnie mouse is a great inspiration. especially her bow. you have given me an idea for a fancy dress party im going to on friday!